ColorManager App Reviews

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Great and Handy!

I love the idea of managing colors! It works great and easily applicable!

Works great its jus a easy slider color splash highly recommended simple easy quick perfect no probs jus got it


I love how the color level buttons detect the colors in whatever picture you choose, then allows you to decrease that color 1 by 1. Very convenient!

Good concept, room for improvement

Innovative way to add color splash effect to our photos but sometimes the pink and red sliders does not separate colors properly and interfere with each other. In the mask mode, theres no way to set the brush size and although pinch-to-zoom feature is supported, its almost impossible to mask thin or small objects. Pinch-to-zoom feature is not implemented well and usually it paints or erases the mask when we want to zoom in or out. It has room to improve but the overall concept is marked by an intuitive functionality.

Pull colors easily!

I rated it five stars, because it easy to use and preform its task as advertised. Its easy and handy to get nice photos to publish in social networks.


Love it, keeping this app for photo editing.

Doesnt give you much control

If you want to do colors, check out aviary instead. This app doesnt give much control. The pink slider did not highlight the pink in my picture, only the red slider did.


Its like doing color splash but so much easier! Love it!


Really good app.


Although i could do this in photoshop, its nice to be able to do it on the go. really clevrr


good app, u can do many things with this app


Realy like how it works!


The purpose of the app is to reduce saturation on some or all colors in order to make a color splash. It can also be used for basic color adjustments, although the sliders are a bit small. I cant figure out how to get the mask function to work.


I love this app. Its so easy to use, and the final product is wonderful. Ive seen nothing better.


This is What Im looking for. But need support iphone 4S or 5 Resolution.

Ok but

The pinch zoom option is not working right; it zooms when I use one finger, and will not let me edit the colors..

Great program

But their website is gone. I kind of question that. It means no support. Just to be safe, Im not paying for any of their apps.


This is just what Ive been looking for!!!!! Finally an app to bring out the blue of our kids eyes only!!!! Thanks!!!!

Awesome! - but I do have one suggestion

Nice clean UI, easy to use and yields great results very quickly. I would suggest individual masks for each color in order to have more control of what the end result will look like (with the ability for these masks to overlap each other). For example, I might really want the yellows and reds to show in an object in the middle of the photo, and only the reds (while ignoring yellows) in another part of the photo. That would make this app stand out well above other similar apps.


Exactly what I am looking for