ColorManager App Reviews

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Unique and great!

Just got this app and I love it! worth every penny!

Great useful app

Easy to use, this app is more than just for selective color. Simple to adjust each individual color to your exact liking and, it saves at full resolution. Well worth the dollar! 

simple but nice

you can easily remove the colour from any photo which is great feature. But, I found some bugs. It would be better if you fix those bugs and improve feature. Thank you!

Must have for artist & photographer.

Great design and control of color

Killer color!!!

Luv it 100% its so easy yet does an awesome job with the color! The best one out there!! 

Couldnt show the loaded pic correctly

What good cam it do if it cant even show the loaded pic?

Great app but...

For some reason when I start recoloring a picture it is upside-down. Besides that it is a great app.


Very good at selecting only certain colors and later doing what you want. Is it normal that the picture comes up upside down and Mirrored? Could be better if u can also add certain colors to parts. Good buy, but buggy and not the best, yet. Good UI too

Best one out there!

I love photography and have tried several photo editing apps, and this is my favorite one! Its so easy to use and has fantastic results. I would recommend this app to anyone with the slightest interest in photography.

Its okayy

Why was my picture upside down ? Anyway its a good app.

Pics get flopped

The app imports your photos and then vertically flops them. You cannot undo this. Worthless app unless that is what you wanted. But the description doesnt say "flops your photos so you can have a color corrected flopped photo" does it? If it had I would have passed on downloading it in the first place.

Great app! Good job

I like being able to select the color I want to remove or keep! You can also set a mask! The only downside thing I noticed is that the images come in upside down? Hopefully that will get fixed soon!

Color Manager

Color Manager For the few pictures that I have been able to use Color Manager on I have gotten the results that I wanted. Complex pictures, people, and objects have to be selected and removed from frames because of the orientation errors inherent in the app . Time lapse photography highlighting a flower opening or fruit ripening worked ok as a slide show because orientation was not critical. I can only guess that other Color Manager apps in the series have the same problem with orientation that Color Manager has because there are no comments for the Color ManagerCam (movie app). I had some problems using masks on my iPod Touch unless the area to apply the mask too was large and had smooth boarders. There are many comments on color manager presenting the pictures upside down and mirror image. I have the app and I find it difficult to use it with anything other than a very homogeneous picture. It bothers me that there has been no response from the company concerning fixing the problem of presenting "upside down pictures". I am able to get far superior results with 16M color pictures in less than 10 seconds on my PC. I want to be able to edit an occasional simple picture on the iPod to use on selected e-mail. Color Manager is going to require a lot of work to meet my modest requirements.


This app wont launch just crashes and goes back to my home screen"

Does not work on my iPad 2

Pictures from my library appear with broken lines on them. I cannot control individual sliders.

Its pretty darn OK

Orientation/flop not an issue on my iPhone4 install. But to say this is Free for a limited time while theyre simultaneously clearly charging for the the full version is bogus. This is the Free version period. Hate bait&switch advertising.

iPod ok but on iPad 2

Theres graphical problem on iPad 2, you cant see loaded pics clearly and it will crash always. Works fine on iPod but not iPad. Please fix in update, will give 5 stars!:)


Pretty cool camera effect app


picture flipped over in this? But over all nice app

Color manager

I love this app so much. I have none of the problems described below. My pictures look awesome, like they are done from some hi-tech camera, not my iPod!